Sunday, January 15, 2006

sleeping and eating

The past few weeks in Paris have been quite nice. I've had three visitors- Gabrielle, Tina and Wahid- all wonderful. I've been eating out in nice restaurants and going to places and trying to put away the work and sleep lots and play more. Still, it is hard to escape the feeling of guilt. Must draw storyboards! Must cast film! Must find little girl!
On that note, I did hold an audition yesterday with 7 actors. I think several of them will work for small roles and I'm about ready to make some final decisions...yippee. Plus, I re-auditioned a little girl who I'm kind of falling for- she's super cute but very naturalistic and not camera-conscious. Best of all, the sun has been out for the weekend, which makes everything glow a little brighter.
We had mint tea and baklava in the Paris Mosque, very cool- feels like a Turquish cafe. We saw music in a bar and ate lovely fresh fish and half-melted chocolate cake...
so, life is rich and good.


Anonymous TT said...

This is one of Sahra's three visitors. And I'd like to submit this report on day three of my Paris journey. Each day has involved lots of strolling: through parks, down streets grand and petite, and along the Seine. The other main activity occurs not with the legs, but with the mouth: eating. I've noticed though many Parisians use their lips to suck face - or cigarettes - in public. My to-eat list still includes a crepe and an rich, thick hot chocolate. Back to Sahra's filmmaking, I saw "I'm Hungry" for the first time last night. It was great to see it after trapesing through the square where Sahra filmed it. It is a provocative film; one that you can see either on an empty or a full stomcach. I also had the chance to accompany Sahra and Wahid on a location-scouting adventure. I only know the general plot of her film, but can say this much it appears to be on her mind most of the time. As it should be. So I can't wait to see what emerges from all her creativite and logistical ingenuity.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous p said...

Hi Sahra! I've finally read your blog. I do have lots of good socks, thanks. Can't wait to see you!

6:33 PM  

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